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    Anton Slagboom founded Slagboom Aerial Photography in Vlissingen (The Netherlands) in 1961. The company name was later changed to Slagboom & Peeters Aerial Photography. Initially, oblique recordings were made for customers in The Netherlands and Belgium. Upon purchase of a company plane, the firm began to perform cartographic photography flights.

    At first (1961 - 1980), Slagboom & Peeters was based in the Dutch coastal province of Zeeland, and flights were made from the Midden-Zeeland and Antwerp airports. In 1980, the company moved to Teuge, which is located more centrally in The Netherlands. This means Dutch projects are easier to reach and cost less. Over the past 15 years, Slagboom & Peeters' work area has expanded to include the rest of Europe, Africa, the Middle-East and Asia. The company's mainstay remains the Dutch domestic market, however.


    With their planes located in the hangar less than 300 m from the Slagboom & Peeters offices, the company is able to efficiently respond to weather developments and the requirements of Dutch clients. In view of the very capricious nature of Dutch weather this possibility is an important guarantee for quick delivery – it means we can make optimal use of all “weather windows”.

    Another key factor is that all of Slagboom & Peeters' pilots are permanently employed by the company. During the season, these people are on standby 24-7 to be able to make optimal use of all available flight hours.


    The Slagboom & Peeters offices are located on the Teuge airport premises. All elements needed for the acquiring and processing of aerial photography are located in this building. With the switch to digital files, the dark rooms have been phased out and the work is mainly carried out in computer and scanner spaces.

    The whole process is carried out in-house. All planning, preparation, scanning and processing of aerial photography to dimensionally stable orthos is carried out by experienced staff members who regularly participate in in-house trainings. This guarantees the quality of the final product and enables us keep in step with the latest developments in the field.

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    The Netherlands

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    Commercial contact:
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