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    PH-SVZ - Cessna Citation II

    The Cessna Citation II with 2x 2500LBS  Pratt & Whitney JT15D-4 engines has recently been added to our aeroplane-fleet.The Cessna Citation II a cruise speed of 746 km/u. The maxium flight hight is 10.670 meter, and the actieradius is 3701 km.

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    Cessna Citation II - PH-SVZ

    PH-SVY & PH-SVX - Piper Cheyenne

    Both planes are exclusively used for vertical aerial photography. The turbine engines run on kerosine, so that the plane flies very efficiently at higher altitudes and is also suitable for operations in Africa and Asia, for instance. Avgas is often not available in these areas. The pressurized cabin makes it unnecessary to add oxygen for high altitude flights, making the operation much more independent.

    The Cheyenne has a cruising speed of 244 knots (450 km/h). This high speed means that productivity is excellent – very high production in a short time period. The speed and large action radius makes ferry flights to every location very efficient. The ceiling (maximum altitude) of this plane is 31,000 feet (9.5 km).

    slagboom en peeters vliegtuigen piper cheyenne ph svy

    Piper Cheyenne - PH-SVY

    PH-RVS - Partenavia P68 Victor

    This airplane has been purchased to provide a good platform for the digital camera. The plane is fitted with all modifications needed for remote sensing and combines low fuel consumption with a very reasonable cruising speed. What's more, the additional fuel tanks enable it to make very long flights.

    slagboom en peeters vliegtuigen partenavia p68 victor ph rvs

    Partenavia P68 Victor - PH-RVS

    PH-SLA - Cessna 180J

    The Cessna 180J was Slagboom & Peeters' first airplane. This plane is used for Geo-oblique aerial photography. It is very suitable for flying smaller projects or railroads and highways, as it can easily and quickly be positioned on the next hard shoulder. The left door is fitted with a large oblique photography hatch that can be opened in flight. Because of this, the photographer has a complete overview for the making of the aerial photographs.

    slagboom en peeters vliegtuigen cessna 180j ph sla

    Cessna 180J - PH-SLA

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