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    Stereo photography

    In order to be able to produce cartographic products, stereo imagery can be required. At Slagboom en Peeters stereo photos have a minimum overlap of 30% (sideways) and 60% (forward). The stereophotos are normally delivered as a set of images, a camera calibration report and the external orienation (e.o.) data. The e.o. data are produced from the aerotriangulation proces, based on ground control points and GPS-INS data. The stereo photos of Slagboom en Peeters generously meet the required demands for cartography.

    slagboom en peeters stereofotografie

    Ortho(mosaic) images

    ABy nature the vertical photo has certain deviations, caused by height differences in the terrain, lens deviation and the exact position of the camera in the air.A digital ortho photo has these deviations corrected for, being a photographic map in digital form.

    The quality of a digital ortho photo can be divided in 2 parts: image qulaity and geometrical quality. The most important variables are scale, pixel-resolution, overlap, ground control points, height model and the aerotriangulation proces. The equipment and software used to obtain this quality is of great influence.

    Original Image 3,5 cm
    Modified Image 10 cm

    Applications for the use of stereo and ortho photography

    Research into
    • Soil condition
    • Vegetation
    • Rain water drainage
    Spatial planning:
    • Builing and construction
    • Clandestine objects
    • Parking optimalisation
    • Ground property transactions
    • Infrastructure
    • City development
    • Traffic infrastructure
    • Railway planning
    • Presentations
    • Exhibitions
    • Information meetings

    True Ortho (DSM Ortho)

    Original Image Ortho 5 cm
    Modified Image True Ortho 5 cm


    The Vexcel camera that Slagboom en Peeters use are able to produce Colour Infra Red or False Colour imagery. This data can be used for various goals, e.g. analysis or tracing of vegetation. Applied with the right software the options for use can be very valuable.

    slagboom en peeters infrarood

    Applications of infrared

    • Management of green spaces
    • Vegetation mapping
    • River bank mapping


    This format (Enhanced Compression Wavelet) is a format in which the orthophotomosaic images are stitched together, so that a large area can be viewed in 1 photo, usable in many GIS- and CAD applications. The ECW is easy to use by multiple users and allows rapid processing of the data.


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