Slider - Geo Obliek Beelden

    Geo-oblique is very popular in demand by local and regional authorities. The images are recorded under an angle of 45 degrees and contain a huge amount of detail. This detail can be hidden or badly visible on ortho photos, that is why often oblique is ordered to be able to check objects via Geo-oblique.

    Why Geo-oblique?

    The amount of detail obtained is a valuable aid for many proceses. Imagine not being able to determine from ortho photography whether an object is gardenhouse our a brick construction, or not being able to distinguish a carport from a garage. This is where Geo-oblique comes in: easily check it out via various positions and directions under an angle of 45 degrees. Make it even more easier by connecting your GIS and CAD application software to the Geo-oblique viewer to have easy navigation an dregistration.

    Geo-oblique is now used by many organisations, making work efficiently and decreasing the number of visits to objects hughly.


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