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    UltraCam Eagle

    The Large Format camera has been in use by Slagboom en Peeters since 2004. From the revolutionary Ultracam D up to the outstanding and currently used Ultracam Eagle; Slagboom en Peeters frequently updates its fleet of camera equipment. The camera's have turned out to be a true asset in a huge range of purposes: from small 2cm-resolution objects to large 40cm national projects and everything in between. By using the desired overlap and multiple settings, producing imagery and data can be adjusted to the precise demands of the project.

    Geo-oblique camera

    This camera concept has been developped and produced to Slagboom en Peeters own standards. Therefore both production and logistics have been optimized for the very succesful product 'Geo-oblique'. Slagboom en Peeters is proud to have full control of this product, independant from any third party. It is the base for a reliable and flexible product.


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